Spring clean your way to beautiful skin and a beautiful bathroom.  What?  Yes, you can have both.  How?  By getting rid our unwanted and unused skin care products.

Who isn’t guilty of having more skin and hair products in our cabinets than we actually use?

I know it’s February ,winter still, and yes a blizzard outside.  What better time than now to get rid of skin care products we never use and get a head start on our spring cleaning?

When would today be a good day to pull out all the products we don’t use and toss anything that’s no longer a good fit for our skin?  If it hasn’t worked for our skin in the past, chances are it won’t be working for our skin now.   If it smells funny toss it.  If it has expired throw it.

Yes, even skin care products expire!  Are your products still good, but they just aren’t doing it for you?  Why not donate your unused products to a women’s shelter or someone else that may benefit from your unused skin care products?

A friend, family, a neighbor?  If you know someone who only uses soap, then definitely give her your products!  You will be doing her a favor and you won’t feel you wasted your money.

Less is more!  I’ve eliminated so many of my skin care products in my cabinets that now I keep it simple and easy. Easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4 with Amadi Skin Care products.  The products are numbered, easy to use, and best of all they work!

All 4 easy steps fit nicely  into my medicine cabinet.  My bathroom is cleaner with less clutter.  More importantly, my sensitive/ rosacea skin has calmed down.  My husband Norm uses the Oxygen Plasma on a regular basis for his severe Rosacea.  He loves that everything is simple, it is at his fingertips, and he also loves the way his skin looks!

To find out more about how you can take care of your skin and keep your bathrooms clutter free.  Go to: https://skinrenewal.wpengine.com Sign up today for skin tips for you and your loved ones.

Happy Spring Cleaning!     :  )

Maddy @ The Skin Renewal Studio

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