Reconsider—There are Options to Botox!


Are you considering Botox but aren’t quite sure it’s for you? Your sister is doing it, your friends are doing it, yet something is telling you to wait. Should you or shouldn’t you? What’s a girl to do?


Deciding to get any medical procedure can be daunting. You should take the time to do the research. I’ve done a little research myself and came up with some information you might ponder over. In the meantime, check out three holistic approaches that just may be as effective, if not more so, than Botox.


What if I told you that you can experience fewer lines and wrinkles, fewer age spots, and less sensitivity and redness without the use of needles? Would you be interested? An added bonus is these treatments will also tone your facial muscles—something Botox can’t promise.


First, let’s look closely at what we are injecting into our laugh and “lifelines.” In the article by Hannah Nicols,  Everything you need to know about Botox  , one gram of botulinum toxin could kill over one million people. Two kilograms could kill the entire human population of Earth. Excuse me, what? Botox is derived by something that can wipe out Planet Earth? I think we should be, at the very least, a little concerned. I know some of you reading this may be saying, “C’mon, Maddy, I heard Botox is safe. My doctor told me so. Besides everyone is doing it and I hate my lines and wrinkles!”  I agree, there are countless studies that indicate that Botox can be safe when used properly. Many medical professionals use it to treat anything from depression to migraines and countless other maladies. As an aesthetician, I am specifically referring to the use of Botox for aesthetic purposes in the beauty industry.


First, I would like to address the younger generation of Botox users. Young women and men are now receiving Botox for the prevention of lines and wrinkles. In one article I read, young women and men will start to use Botox in their early twenties. I have one question: “Why on Earth?” What are we telling these young people? They aren’t good enough if they have a wrinkle? Or is this a way the medical industry puts more dollars into their pockets? The thought of a doctor telling a twenty-year-old to start with injectables to prevent getting lines and wrinkles is absurd to me.


In an article written for Science Daily, Jenny Baumeiste, a research scientist at the International School for Advanced Studies, is quoted as saying, “The thankfully temporary paralysis of facial muscles that this toxin causes impairs our ability to capture the meaning of other people’s facial expressions.” How can that be beneficial for a young woman or man who is in love? Or a young mother or father who wants to communicate with their baby?


Let’s look at other pros and cons of receiving Botox for cosmetic reasons. The pros: It smoothes out your forehead and laugh lines. It’s a quick fix—a patient can get it done in 15 minutes. You are in and out of the office in just a few minutes. One needs “just a little” for frown and laugh lines and it generally last from three to six months.


The cons of using Botox is that it’s painful, it’s expensive if done on a regular basis, it’s temporary, it can weaken the surrounding muscles, and we don’t know the long-term effects. Let’s be aware: Botox is a toxin and toxins are classified as poisonous. The definition of a toxin is as follows: a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation. The FDA requires the makers of Botox to carry a black box warning label. Black box warning labels appear on prescription drug labels and are designed to call attention to serious or life-threatening risks (see below). This is the label you won’t see when you get your injecions. Patients just see the needle after all.

Though this toxin is considered “safe,” whatever that means… just a little bit of poison is still a poison. Would we put a “just a little” poison in a drink of water and drink it if we knew it was poison? I am on the fence, as are a lot of women. Right now, as a woman in her sixties, I am opting for a holistic and safe approach to aging. I would love all my wrinkles to be gone; however, I kind of like my smile lines. I really do! They remind me how much I have enjoyed my life, how much I have laughed with family and friends, and how so many people have made me smile along the way. Life has been good and my face reflects that!


If you agree and on the fence after reading the black label warning, if you are not fond of needles or want a holistic approach to aging, continue reading, and check out three holistic treatments that are rendering amazing results for radiant skin!

  1. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend with Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. Using crystal-free, diamond Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion equipment, dead skin cells are exfoliated and vacuumed off the face with a machine that uses microdermabrasion tips covered in tiny diamonds. Wrinkles are buffed out after a few treatments so the skin is flawless! There’s no reason to live with acne scars, large pores, stretch marks, or deep lines. We love the Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion from Altair.

  1. Get that glow you wish for with LED Therapy (Light LED Light Therapy Diodes) with a Celluma® treatment. Celluma® utilizes LED and NIR (near infrared) energy and proprietary phototherapy technologies to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, and improve skin tone, texture, and clarity. Light Therapy was tested by NASA on wound healing. This panel is a great tool for treating acne, scars, lines, and wrinkles.

  1. A Non-Surgical Face Lift  uses micro-current technologies that implement a simple exercise program to work your facial muscles. If we diligently work out the muscles of our bodies, it stands to reason we would want to work on the muscles of our faces. After all, did you know there are 43 muscles in the face? You can look years younger without going under the knife or getting needle sticks. This amazing Non-Surgical Lift is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. It is safe and painless, has no downtime, and it’s relaxing! We call this the “WOW!” facial, because when a client looks in the mirror, she can’t but say, “WOW!”


Pictured below are “before” and “after” photos of my client who have experienced all three modalities listed above, along with The Skin Renewal Studio’s exclusive skin care line, Amadi SkinTek.


If you would like to receive a complimentary skin consultation or would like more information about simple solutions for radiant skin, contact The Skin Renewal Studio today. In the meantime, check out Amadi Skintek Serums for treating acne, rosacea, and lines and wrinkles. Just 3-4 drops are all you need to address your skin’s needs.



Madeline M Kinnear Hebert, Le,

Owner of The Skin Renewal Studio in Bedford NH

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