My mission is for you to love your skin no matter what age you are!

Over 30+ years of experience

Madeline Kinnear Hebert

Founder of The Skin Renewal Studio
Co-Creator of Amandi Skintek

Specializing in Advanced Holistic Approaches to Skin & Body Care for over 30 Years

Hello my name is Maddy,
I will help you transform the health of your skin as I have done with thousands of women over the years with my advanced holistic modalities in my treatment room along with sharing simple, easy to follow techniques for home use, allowing you to have beautiful skin throughout your life.

As a Nationally certified/ accredited aesthetician, and as a certified transformational coach through my studies with Anthony Robbins, my passion has always been helping woman with their appearances and their confidence to help them realize their dreams. I feel blessed to be in a position where I can bless others.

With my knowledge and your willingness, you can transform your skin at any age.

Your skin will love you for it!

The result?

Healthy glowing skin that you will love to be in.

Skin Care That Cares

About Amadi Skintek

Amadi Skintek skincare products are co-created to bring life back to your skin, allowing its own amazing regeneration abilities to take over, replenishing, restoring, and revitalizing. The result is healthy gorgeous skin.

Featured Products


Is necessary to both collagen and keratin, where it can help to keep the skin smooth and youthful. In nutrition circles MSM is well known as a building block for collagen and connective tissues, making it an excellent approach to anti-aging skin care.

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Oxygen Plasma

The 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma replenishes the oxygen levels in your skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells within 30 days. The plasma also helps carry oxygen into the cells, triggering elastin and collagen formation that makes your skin look youthful and vibrant.

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Tea Tree

Its antibacterial properties can help reduce inflammation, redness, and swelling. Studies have shown to decrease the amount of acne, and tea tree helps prevent and diminish scarring at the same time.

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Our Commitment

My mission is for you to love your skin no matter what age you are! I can do that by simply providing healthy, effective, results driven skin products, tools and non invasive treatments. All these combined together improve and enhance your skin naturally!


The secret to radiant clear skin doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor do you need needles or knives.


I believe in looking at the whole person. The mind, body and soul, not just your face.


During our skin consultations together we will go over stress levels, diet, food sensitivities, and product usage. All of which play a key role in how your skin is behaving. Together we will come up with the ideal treatment plan for your skin to be glowing naturally!