Whipped Oxygen Moisture Cream 2 OZ


A light-as-air topical moisturizer treatment for aging skin that leaves your skin glowing.

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Leave your skin hydrated, plumped, and ultimately renewed.
Whipped Oxygen Cream is a light-as-air topical moisturizer treatment to fade fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, diminish stretch marks and under-eye circles and revitalize aging skin.  Formulated with Squalene, Jojoba, and Hemp oil, the proprietary formula balances oil production, soothes irritation, and accelerates skin repair for superior rejuvenation.
Natural cell renewal and healing
Enhanced with Oxygen Plasma, LUFT delivers oxygen directly to your skin cells to stimulate collagen and elastin formation, and trigger your skin’s natural cell renewal and healing. Skin is firm, lifted, and youthful.UVA Protection
The Porphyra Umbilicalis in our Whipped Oxygen Cream is a sea algae that maximizes skin protection as a natural UVA-screening compound  to protect the skin against photo-aging, making this cream a natural and safe UVA protecting moisturizer for everyday use.

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Small 2 oz, Large 4 oz


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