Omega Perfect Peel


Experience brighter, smoother and silkier skin in 90 seconds without acids, abrasives, enzymes or masks.


Why is the Omega Peel perfect? Because it effectively removes the dead skin cell barrier and surfaces new skin and contain ingredients which penetrate down to the skin’s lower epidermal layer where old cells cause premature wrinkles and a dull, lifeless appearance. The Omega Peel is completely non-abrasive. non-acidic, non-irritating and non-traumatic, unlike glycolic acids, face scrubs, enzymes or masks that can damage the new skin tissue or cause skin hardening and cell build-up with frequent and prolonged usage.

By using this perfect peel regularly, you will achieve superior results in skin renewal and you will diminish the negative side-effects and enhance the positive effects of other treatments.

Premature wrinkles, aging skin, large pores, dead skin.

Apply the gel as a thin layer onto dry skin and let the ingredient activate for 30 seconds. Begin to gently message away impurities/ dead skin cells. Rinse with with water.


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