Therapeutic Tea-Tree Toner


 Therapeutic Toner clarifies and tones your complexion for a fresh and glowing look.

Therapeutic and Hydrating
Enriched with MSM, Tea Tree Oil and Honey this is an advanced, therapeutic toner balances inflammation, microbial, and fungal levels to fade age spots, calm and reduce redness, even tone, and clear breakouts. The potent ingredients gently hydrate skin while triggering youthful collagen and elastin formation and supporting the flexible links between cells for firmer, plumper, more lifted skin.
Additionally,  Therapeutic Toner leaves skin ready to consume the active ingredients found in  MSM O2 Serum and  Whipped Oxygen Cream to boost their power to stimulate skin repair, renewal, and rejuvenation.
Use cotton ball or “splash” on twice a day after cleansing with Amadi Skintek’s  Balancing Cleanser.


With MSM, Tea Tree Oil and Honey this is an advanced, therapeutic toner which  has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and healing properties that help soothe and nourish your skin.

This toner will also leave the skin ready to absorb the active ingredients of serums and moisturizing creams.

To be used after cleansing. Use cotton ball or “splash” on twice a day.